GRUPO ENERPRO offers tailored resourcing and service provision solutions for EPCs and project developers. Our team holds extensive experience concerning design processes, project & contract management, engineering package management and commissioning preparation and implementation.

Pre-planning and studies: Forecasts analysis, project feasibility study, designs proposals and budgeting.

Project implementation: Execution of works, installations and calculating concerning the entire phases of work described by specific projects. Development of plans for operation and maintenance.

Administrative procedures: Public administration management in order to achieve authorizations, licenses, administrative records, etc.

Contracts management: Requests for proposals and definition of decision criteria, comparative reports and recommendations in decision-making.

Construction management: Task coordination with sub-contractors and providers, monitoring project implementation, deadlines, execution and materials quality controls. Preparation of As-built drawings.


GRUPO ENERPRO executes infrastructure projects, civil works, building and electrical installations. Over the last years GRUPO ENERPRO has developed a quality system and execution of works which ensures the compliance concerning deadlines and required quality.


GRUPO ENERPRO develops investment projects based on operating electricity production plants from renewable energies sources.

These plants produce green electricity which is later sold to grid under either PPA contracts or free market conditions.

  • Long-term investments
  • Maximum guarantees
  • High profitability
  • Generation and sale of electricity

GRUPO ENERPRO has a large presence in the renewable energy sector globally, notably for vocational reasons since the founding of the company.

Our accumulated experience, from the very development and design until the construction of these facilities, allows us to anticipate and provide solutions about any matter that was not detected in the initial planning of the project by our customers.

GRUPO ENERPRO builds renewable energy projects globally, covering the customers’ needs through offering “turnkey” solutions.


GRUPO ENERPRO have been working in solar farms for the last eight years. During that time, we have completed numerous projects all over the world, which have allowed us to become an experienced company in renewable energies sector.

We know how solar works. We are conscious that operation & maintenance becomes the main problem for everyone (investors above all) as soon as the plant is connected. This is why we have created our O&M Plan, thanks to which we can keep on offering our clients the maximum quality services in order to go one step further, turning the initial problem not only into a solution, but also into a distinction that protects your investment and guarantees its profitability in a long-term.

We believe that maximum quality can only be reached by being permanently improving the way we do things. After connect successfully many solar projects as a developer and Constructor Company, our O&M division let us to close our value chain and provide our clients the most profitable experience for their investment.

O & M is not a problem anymore, but a solution. From now on, will be protected your investment in renewables energies.